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Public Interest Disclosure Resources

The Ombudsperson is a resource

Ministries and offices of the legislature have specific obligations under PIDA such as

  • appointing a designated officer
  • developing procedures for managing reports of wrongdoing
  • reporting annually about reports of wrongdoing and investigations
  • ensuring staff are well-informed about PIDA, including about how to make a report of wrongdoing, both internally and to the Ombudsperson.

Public bodies covered by the Public Interest Disclosure Act are invited to contact us for information about implementing their public interest disclosure program, to request assistance with an investigation, or to consult with us about managing reports of wrongdoing.

Our Public Interest Disclosure team is available to support public bodies to fulfill their role under PIDA and to assist in the resolution of issues and challenges related to implementation of the Act.

You can reach us at:

call-contact1-800-567-3247 (toll-free) or 250-387-5855 (Victoria)

We can support public bodies in their role under the Act

Available resources

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