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The BC Ombudsperson has published several best practice guides and quick reference materials to help support fairness and continuous improvement across the public sector. Stopping administrative unfairness before it occurs is central to our goal of preventative ombudship. Our Quick Tips for organizations can help public sector staff to embed fairness into the design and delivery of public services.

Quick Tips

The two key elements of procedural fairness are explained: the right to an impartial decision maker and the right to participate in the decision making process. See the webinar Aspects of Procedural Fairness for more information.

Quick tips about how to communicate effectively when responding to complaints, concerns and challenging behaviour. For more information, please see the webinar Why Relationships Matter.

Essential steps to ensure fairness in decision making. See Making Fair Decisions for more information.

An overview of fairness in public service delivery based on the Fairness Triangle.

The importance of providing apologies when mistakes are made and some practical tips on how to give an effective apology.

This Q&A contains general information to assist public sector employees in responding to an Ombudsperson investigation.

A description of the various categories that our office uses to close complaints under the Ombudsperson Act.